How Important is My Duct System?

Most people never think of the things they can't see.  A properly performing duct system is just as important as a properly performing condenser, furnace, or air handler.  If your duct system isn't working up to par, you will surely have problems such as air comfort and high utility bills.  Dave can measure your complete system and give you accurate information to help you get the most out of your central air conditioning system.

Your duct system controls how much air is delivered to each room.  This controls the room temperatures.  You want to make sure they are properly sized for even distribution.  Dave can measure the air properties, such as air flow, temperatures, and pressures.  This will determine how well the duct is working.  

If you need new ducting, Dave will review his test results with you and make recommendations, based on what you need, in order to improve your air filtration system.  

Dave uses several instruments in order to complete his testing.  A manometer measures your system's pressure;  his flow hood measures the amount of air coming out of each vent;  he can also test humidity and carbon monoxide, if present.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Why don’t other contractors address my duct system?
ANSWER: Unfortunately few have the knowledge or own the tools and instruments to measure the performance of your duct system. If they can’t measure it, they have no idea how to fix it, or even where to begin. They assume that the ducts are just fine.

QUESTION: How can ducts affect my system performance?
ANSWER: Here’s an example: A 30% return duct leak on a hot or cold day can decrease your heating or cooling capacity more than 50% That may sound extreme, but it’s not an uncommon condition.

QUESTION: Other contractors have offered to seal my ducts. Isn’t that the same thing?
ANSWER: No. While duct sealing is definitely done as part of a renovation, sealing by itself cannot address many of the flaws in a duct system. In many cases, just sealing the duct can make the problem worse, as it could choke down airflow causing equipment failure, major comfort problems. In extreme cases, it has caused back-drafting of flues leading to dangerous carbon monoxide problems.

QUESTION: Will renovating my ducts make the rooms that are uncomfortable finally more comfortable?
ANSWER: Comfort will increase. A good renovation should also improve indoor air quality and reduce energy use.

QUESTION:  How can I be assured that my ducts have been renovated properly?

ANSWER:  Dave will test and adjust the results of his work when he has completed the duct renovation.  This is "air balancing".  He will then provide you with a report that shows the final operating condition of your system and compare that to how it was operating before the repairs were made.

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