Do You REALLY Need A New System?

 Time after time, we are called out to a home because the homeowner thinks he or she might need a new system.  Sometimes, we are even the second opinion, with the homeowner expecting the worst.  However, many times, we find that the system is working the way it is supposed to, but other factors are affecting its peak performance.  Read on: 

Your Filtration System

A common problem that prevents an HVAC system from operating at peak performance is your home's filter system.  Are you keeping your filters clean?  We recommend a monthly filter change for homeowners with a lot of traffic in and out, and every other month for people with less activity.  While we previously recommended an expensive, washable filter, we now recommend the cheap, disposable kind because they are less restrictive.  Of course, we do have options for more expensive filtration systems for people interested in maximum air purification.  Dave is happy to talk to you about options that will take care of your needs and concerns.

Equipment Maintenance and Properly-sized Duct System 

If your utility bills appear to be unusually high (compared to your neighbors, for example), your system may be underperforming.  Our precision tune-ups can improve the efficiency of your system.  Dave will measure your temperature difference and calculate air loss.  He can also test your system and measure your supply and return ducts for proper sizing and installation.  Many times, something as simple as installing a larger return, or even just moving an existing return, can solve many problems.  

We have found several homes that have broken, un-insulated, and undersized ducts up in the attic.  If that is what is preventing your HVAC system from operating at peak performance, then simply replacing the HVAC system won't solve your issues.  Do you have rooms with uneven air flow?  If your system was designed and installed improperly, you will not be comfortable throughout your home.  Dave uses his thermal-imaging camera to properly diagnose the inside of your system. It is often much more cost-effective to replace your old ductwork than it is to replace your entire HVAC system.

As you can see, there are many things to evaluate before we make a recommendation for a new system.  We are not in the business of selling you something you don’t really need.  We are in the business of making you comfortable in the most cost-effective way possible.