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Most homeowners are frustrated to think that they need to purchase a new, expensive HVAC system.  It can be upsetting.  We are here to help the process go smoothly, if it is truly time to replace your heating system.  

An air conditioning system's performance is rated, similar to your water heater's performance.  We call this rating a "SEER" rating.  It stands for "Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating".  The standard in 2010 is a "13 SEER" system.  Currently, we have up to 23 SEER equipment available.  The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient your system will operate.  Although a heating system is one of the larger uses of energy in your home, it doesn't have to be costly.  

We must first measure the current SEER rating of your existing system.  Sometimes, it is necessary to replace both the indoor and the outdoor systems at the same time so that they can "talk" to each other properly.  It does no good to replace half of a system, and by doing so, you will most likely have problems sooner than later with the new equipment.

We test your equipment first to determine the problem with your system, and then we recommend the best solution for you, based on other factors such as the ductwork, the type of construction of your home, windows (heat) and the amount of insulation that you currently have in your attic and walls.  The reason we look at your home as a whole is because if one part of the home isn't efficient, then your overall SEER rating is affected.

Once problems are addressed and resolved, you will notice a difference in both your comfort and your energy bills.  

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