As a professional HVAC contractor, we are here to identify and correct the factors that impact your air quality and overall indoor comfort.  

Common indoor air pollutants include animal dander; bacteria and mold; airborne particulates; organic compounds such as glue, solvents, cleaning agents;  carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide;  and pesticides.  Many of these materials are found in minute amounts in most indoor environments.  Add humidity and temperature to the mix and pollutant concentrations can rise excessively.  That's poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) includes the IAQ parameters but also considers "comfort factors" such as noise, light, temperature, humidity, and odor.  

IAQ problems are actually caused by building and HVAC systems design.  Systems without sufficient fresh air exchange can allow chemicals to build up.  AIr pressure, temperature, humidity and operating cycles must all be properly adjusted to balance operating efficiency with your comfort in mind.