Your home is a completely integrated system.  There usually isn't just one component that is making you uncomfortable, although your central air conditioning system usually gets the only blame.  

Outwest Air provides a comprehensive home energy audit that is performed by a certified technician.  We use advanced technology tools -including an infrared camera, blower door, manometer, and even computerized modeling- to accurately pinpoint the root sources of your home's problems.  We can determine air leakage rates;  measure the efficiency of your central air conditioning system;  and determine how effective your insulation, ducts, windows, doors, and more are.  We also test your combustion equipment for carbon monoxide levels and gas leaks.  This will give you a complete energy usage footprint for your home.

When our technician evaluates the results of the energy audit, he can recommend a customized solution for you that typically could include a combination of air and/or duct sealing, added wall and/or attic insulation, heating/cooling system maintenance or replacement, window/door replacement, and new lighting or appliances.  

After your home is retrofitted with the recommended solution, we can then perform the energy audit again to ensure that all issues are fixed and that the work done proves successful.