Do You Need a “Tune-Up”?  Let’s be honest:  the HVAC industry has its slow seasons, namely Spring and Fall.  So somebody came up with a “brilliant” plan to sell “tune-ups” to people, up to twice a year, to make sure that your a/c system is operating at peak performance.  The “tune-ups” got compared to changing the oil on your car.  Competitors offer "factory fresh" condition after an $80 "tune-up".  (C'mon!  Could you spend $80 on your car and get it back to factory fresh condition?) 

Problem is, most newer a/c equipment these days doesn’t need semi-annual, or even annual, “tune-ups” to maintain peak performance.  What you really need to do is keep your filter clean monthly and keep the area surrounding your condenser (the big box outside) clear of debris.  You can even spray off the coils with a garden hose if need be.  We recommend a “tune-up” on equipment that is older than 4 years, and maybe just every other year at that point.  Hey, we have our slow seasons, too, but we’re not out to make money off of you because of it.