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St George, UT 84791-0248

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You can also email us at with comments, questions, secret family recipes... whatever you'd like to chat about.  =)

Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. 

24-Hour Service Also Available: (435) 688-9378  


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 As we know, everything is relative to our expectations of others, our life experiences, and learned values. We truly care about our customers' well-being and their finances.  We do business with those we trust and many people exert enormous effort to win that trust from others just to take advantage of the trust received.  We ask that you perform your due diligence when you do business with us.  Ask around and see what your friends say about us.  If you ever have a complaint about us (we're not perfect, but we strive for perfection!), please let us know so that we can work with you to resolve it.  You are the reason we are in business and we know that and we don't want to take that lightly.  We say this sincerely.