Ok, confession time.  Customers and friends are always asking us what we have installed in our own home.  Our home is 1700 sq ft on one level.  It was built in 1983.  We live in Bloomington Hills, and we are on Dixie Escalante power.  Our home is all electric  (heat pump).

According to the "standard" HVAC requirements for our home, in Southern Utah, we should be running a 3.5-ton system, and most contractors here would assume that a 4-ton system would be better.  We are actually running a 2-ton system.  Why?  Because other factors are in place.  

1.  Our home is zoned, meaning that the zones are programmed to bring on the heating/cooling to that part of the home when needed.  In other words, I don't need the bedrooms to be air conditioned during the day when they aren't in use, so those zones are set to a higher temperature during the summer days.  Conversely, I don't need my office (I work from home), kitchen, and living room to be air conditioned at night when they aren't in use, so those zones are set to a higher temperature during the summer nights.    When the sun hits my East windows in the mornings, the zone system has a built-in "load diversification" that allows more of the load to be used on that part of my home at that time.  Makes sense, right?

2.  We have the proper insulation installed in our attic and in-between our walls.  Dave sealed off the edges near the eves, and most companies simply over-look that step.  

3.  I have trees planted outside around my windows, and my East windows are tinted, to help reduce the heat inside my home.  I keep my blinds shut when the sun is directly outside my windows.  

4.  We're raw vegans, so I rarely use my stove or oven.  =)

5.  We never use our ceiling fan or our indoor waterfall during the summer.  The ceiling fan actually creates heat inside the home.  (See:  Ceiling Fans.)  The indoor waterfall creates humidity, which is another form of heat (so I leave that on during the winter only).  

6.  We have a two-stage system that operates about 70% of the time in the low stage setting.  This saves energy.  

My home is all electric, and I am home all day long, with our teenagers (we also home school).  Since we zoned out our home and added the insulation, my power bill has averaged $90 per month.