Why Ceiling Fans Don’t Help to Cool Your Home


If you have central air conditioning (i.e. you don't have an evaporative cooler), you should not use a ceiling fan at the same time as the a/c.  The media falsely tells us that a ceiling fan will help to cool the air in your home better and faster but it's simply not true for homeowners with central air.  (Evaporative "swamp" coolers are fine to use ceiling fans with.)

Ceiling fans don’t let the air circulate through the air conditioning system like it’s supposed to.  An air conditioner is designed to exchange the air 6-8 times per hour.  But when the fan is on, the exchange slows down, causing the system to work harder.   The ceiling fan disrupts the supply air's ability to get back to the return. 


Picture a home filled with smoke.  With just the air conditioning on, all of the smoke would quickly move toward the return – usually located in the center of the home.  With a ceiling fan on, the smoke just moves around and around. 


A ceiling fan does not help in removing dust or particulates in the air - it simply blows the air around inside your home.  A ceiling fan uses energy, which creates heat and adds more heat to your home.