5 Reasons Why Your Home May Not Be Comfortable

What is your definition of a comfortable home?  Your answer could be:  a place where I feel free.  When we get a call from a customer who says their system isn't working properly, then they are uncomfortable and want to get that resolved quickly!  Here are some reasons that your home might not be completely comfortable:

1. Undersized or Oversized Air Conditioner or Furnace
Many homes are modified after the original design.  But not much thought is given to the HVAC system when homes are modified.  These modifications can include several factors, such as furniture, draperies, carpets, windows, and new insulation.  All of these items and more can affect the way that your system performs.  

If your system is undersized or oversized, it is wasting a lot of energy, trying to keep up with performing the way it was designed.  This also causes the system's life span to decrease.  

2. Incorrect Duct System
Sometimes, duct systems are damaged after installation.  For whatever reason, it cannot perform the way it is supposed to, and as a result, your home is uncomfortable.  We have found several homes in our area that have incorrectly-sized duct systems installed.  We will check the airflow throughout your home, and let your know if your duct system is working correctly. 

3. Poor Air Quality

We can check the air quality in your home to make sure that it does not contain any life-threatening problems.  

4. Home Ventilation and Pressure
Dave is one of a handful of certified air balancing technicians in the United States.  He has been trained and certified to use the correct instruments to measure and balance the air in your home.  He can check the air pressures within your home and adjust the air flow if necessary.  

5.  Lack of Insulation
Time and time again, we are called out to homes with homeowners believing that the central air conditioning system is not working properly.  Many homeowners assume that it is undersized because it just does not seem to keep up.  Quite often, the reason is lack of insulation in the home.  We have invested in top-of-the-line insulation equipment and provide only the best insulation to maximize your home's energy efficiency.

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